We want to hear all about your research!

The Committee invites you to submit an abstract for program consideration. Abstracts from accepted presentations will be made available online. If you would like yours to not be included, please make sure you select this option during the online submission. The registration portal is also used for abstract submission. For further information please see the submission FAQ below.



If you need assistance with the online system or have any queries regarding the abstract submission, please contact HUPO 2019 Secretariat


  • The language of the congress is English and all abstracts must be submitted in that language.
  • Abstracts cannot contain more than 300 words in the main body of the abstract. The content of your scientific work should include:
    • an introductory statement that outlines the background and significance of the study;
    • a succinct description of the basic methodologies;
    • a clear indication of the major findings of the study;
    • a concluding statement.
  • Abstracts will be accepted for the following themes:
    • Theme 1 - Health and Disease
      •  Cancer
      • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases
      • Hereditary Disease and Ageing
      • Immunology and Inflammation
      • Infectious Diseases
      • Precision Medicine and Clinical Protoemics
    • Theme 2 - Biological Applications of the Proteome
      • Post-Translational Modifications I (Phosphorylation and Signalling)
      • The Surfaceome and Extracellular Vesicles
      • Post-Translational Modifications II (Beyond Phosphorylation and Glycosylation)
      • Degradomics and Proteases
      • Proteogenomics
      • The Interactome


    • Theme 3 - Beyond the Proteome (incorporating the 2nd Australasian Glycoscience Symposium)
      • Glycoimmunology and Clinical Glycobiology (AGS 1)
      • Metabolomics and Lipidomics I
      • Microbial and Plant Glycobiology (AGS 2)
      • Glycochemistry (AGS 3)
      • Analytical Glycobiology (AGS 4)
      • Metabolomics and Lipidomics II
    • Theme 4 - Human Proteome Project (HPP)
      • HPP 1: Towards the complete cardiac proteome and beyond
      • HPP 2: Pathology and the Cancer Proteome: Towards Precision Medicine
      • HPP 3: P3: Plasma, Pediatrics and Proteomics
      • HPP 4: Rheumatic and Autoimmune Diseases
      • HPP 5: High Connectivity: Neuroproteomics at the Interface of Bench and Bedside
      • HPP 6: Moving proteomics into pharmaceutical discovery and application
    • Theme 5 - Our Human Environment (incorporating the Asia Oceania Agricultural Proteomics Organization)
      • Veterinary and Animal Health
      • Food and Nutrition
      • Plant and Crop Proteomics I (AOAPO)
      • Plant and Crop Proteomics II (AOAPO)
      • Microbial Proteomics and the Microbiome
      • Environmental and Archaeological Proteomics
    • Theme 6 - Enabling Technologies
      • Top-Down and Structural Proteomics
      • Single Cell Proteomics
      • MS Imaging
      • Bioinformatics and Statistics
      • New Technological Advancements in Proteomics (HUPO IAB)
      • Chemical Proteomics
  • Abstracts can be submitted for either oral or poster presentation. Please note that some requests for talks may need to be moved to poster presentations.
  • Accepted abstracts will be included in the program only if the presenting author has registered for the conference.
  • A maximum of 5 keywords can be included.
  • Only 1 abstract per presenting author can be accepted in the program.
  • If you would not like to be considered for a presentation award, please tick the box.


The submission process is online from the same profile you create for registration.

Ensure you are using one of the following browsers: INTERNET EXPLORER (ver 11 or newer) MOZILLA FIREFOX (ver 44 or newer) SAFARI (ver 5 or newer).

Alert for Mac Users: if you are having trouble submitting your abstract/synopsis, try submitting from a PC. If you are still having trouble, please contact HUPO 2019 Secretariat (email).

Alert for Mozilla Users: the security policy in Mozilla often precludes the pasting from the clipboard without using the menu commands. You can still cut and paste your abstract/synopsis into the submission; you will have to use the menu command rather than ‘control v’ shortcut.

When ready, you should open your document so you can cut and paste into the online system. Please do not work from .pdf files. The steps are straight forward and the abstract builds online as you paste in so you can check it is as you wish. Please make sure your research abstract text is less than 300 words – it will not allow you to paste larger submissions. (The word count does NOT include your title, authoring or cited references)

The benefits of this system are many but include:

  • Allowing you to preview your abstract and make modifications to your satisfaction;
  • Ensuring you know your lodgement is completed as you will receive an immediate email confirmation;
  • Ensuring accurate indexing of all authors in the abstract book;
  • Ensuring consistent presentation of all abstracts in the proceedings (overarching formatting is imposed).
  1. The online submission portal is in conjunction with the registration system. However, you do not need to register in order to submit a contribution.
  2. You must acknowledge that you understand that for your abstract to be accepted into the program you must be a registered and fully paid delegate once it has been accepted.
  3. You will be asked for consent to your abstract being published.
  4. Select presentation type (oral or poster or both).
  5. Provide some keywords to assist in categorisation of your abstract.
  6. Next, you will able to cut and paste or type the title of your abstract/submission in (Please write the title of your abstract in sentence case – that is lowercase with only the first letter of the starting word of your title in capitals- and without any punctuation at the end of you title. A correctly formatted example follows: Title of my presentation for the conference).
  7. Input the authors, organisations and indicate the presenting author by ticking the box.
  8. Type or cut and paste your abstract/synopsis text in. Please ensure the abstract is no more than the 300 word limit – the system will not allow you to paste larger submissions. (The word count does NOT include your title, authoring or cited references).
  9. Agree to releases policy.
  10. Preview abstract, once satisfied, you will be able to finalise your abstract submission and return to your dashboard.
  11. If your submission was successful, you will receive an automatic email confirmation.
  12. After submitting your abstract, you are still able to make changes until the review process starts. Please refer to the menu below ”HOW CAN I MAKE CHANGES TO MY SUBMITTED ABSTRACT?“

If you need assistance with the online system or have any further queries, please contact HUPO 2019 Secretariat (email).

As long as you haven’t filled your own email address incorrectly, you will get an immediate confirmation of your abstract being submitted. Please check your email junk filter in case it has been captured there. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact HUPO 2019 Secretariat (email).

Abstracts can still be edited until the review process starts. To make any changes to your submitted abstract, simply follow these steps:

  • Return to your submission profile. Should you do not remember your password, please contact HUPO 2019 Secretariat (email) and they will reset it for you.
  • Click the top menu “Abstract”, then the “View submission” button.
  • Now click the “Preview/Edit abstract” button and make the necessary changes to your abstract by selecting the appropriate top menu (“Title” or “Authors” or “Content“).
  • Once you have done your amendments, simply press the “Save” button to confirm.

If you need assistance with the online system or have any further queries, please contact HUPO 2019 Secretariat (email).

Email notification of programming decisions will come from HUPO 2019 Secretariat a few weeks after the expiry of deadlines and the conference program will be posted to the web site. It will also appear on your submission/registration profile.

A couple of weeks before the meeting, the final program will be available on this web page along with hyperlinks to the abstracts. The abstracts will also be available on the conference ‘App’. When submitting your abstract you can opt to withhold your abstract from being published in the conference program & app if you wish.

If you need assistance with the online system or have any further queries, please contact HUPO 2019 Secretariat (email).



  • Presenters may also be required to participate in a panel Q&A on the day.
  • Presentations of accepted abstracts should be created in PowerPoint and the slides should be designed in the 16:9 format (widescreen). You can select the "slide size" from the menu "Design" in Power Point.


  • Poster presenters will be expected to be available during the allocated Poster Session time on the congress programme.
  • The poster should be of A0 size, portrait style and professionally printed. Posters should not be mounted on a rigid backing as they will be displayed on poster display boards.
  • Please note that all expenses for the design, printing etc. of the poster are the responsibility of the presenters.
  • At the congress it would be useful to have a leaflet/brochure of your presentation to give to delegates.

Further specific details will be sent to the presenters of the accepted abstract together with their presentation schedule.