Lydie Lane


Lydie Lane

University of Geneva

Dr. Lydie Lane has been co-directing the CALIPHO group at University of Geneva and SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics with Prof. Amos Bairoch since 2009. The CALIPHO group combines bioinformatics, curation, and experimental efforts to annotate human proteins, with a special focus on poorly characterized ones.

The CALIPHO group develops neXtProt, a next generation knowledgebase providing a large, coherent, up-to-date human protein dataset, unmatched in terms of scope and quality. They also develop ontologies and specific tools for the proteomics community, such as the Peptide Uniqueness Checker. Since 2013 neXtProt is the reference knowledgebase for the HUPO Human Proteome Project (HPP); it integrates data generated by the project and provides annual metrics to assess its progress.

According to neXtProt, several hundreds of human proteins are still lacking functional information. Lydie Lane’s laboratory aims to characterize some of them based on bioinformatics clues. They already deorphanized four proteins and have several ongoing collaborative projects focusing on mitochondrial proteins and sperm proteins.

Lydie Lane co-chairs the Swiss proteomics society and has been participating to various national and international initiatives to optimize proteomics data standardization and dissemination. She is a long-term member of HUPO and plays a key role in the HPP by co-chairing the chromosome-centric project and the knowledgebase pillar committee.