Kelleher Neil


Neil Kelleher


With more than 300 papers published over the course of his career and teaching duties in two departments, Dr. Kelleher is a cross-disciplinary investigator with international impact in the field of proteomics and the discovery of new antibiotics and anti-cancer molecules from the microbial world. The Kelleher group invents new methods to understand how human cells work at the molecular level. Northwestern’s Proteomics Center is generally regarded as one of the leading lab in “Top Down” Proteomics, an approach to measure proteins and their complexes with absolute molecular specificity. If we as a species want to gain knowledge of self and all the benefits that go along with the “domestication” of cells and molecules, then mapping the universe of protein molecules with improved precision will improve all the 21st Century goals of biomedical research including personalized drugs, designer organs, and early detection of human disease.