Ho Jeong Kwon


Ho Jeong Kwon, Ph.D.

Professor of Dept. of Biotechnology, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Director, Chemical Genomics Global Research Lab Program
President of Korean Society for Vascular Biology and Medicine (www.kvbm.org)
Chair of Korean Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemical Biology Committee (www.ksbmb.or.kr)

Professor Ho Jeong KWON graduated from Seoul National University (BSc, Korea) and did MS and PhD from University of Tokyo (Japan) and postdoctoral training at Harvard (USA). He returned to Korea in 1999 and promoted to full professor in 2008 at the department of biotechnology, Yonsei University. He has been director of chemical genomics Global Research Laboratory (GRL) program and serving as an adjunct professor, College of Medicine, Yonsei University and Lund University (Sweden) and SAC member of Institut Pasteur Korea. He served as a council member of HUPO (05-08, 15-17), the president of KHUPO (10-11) and has been serving a council member, secretary general and vice president of AOHUPO (10-present) and the president of Korean Society for Vascular Biology and Medicine (18-present). He has published over 180 papers in reputed journals and been serving as editor-in-chief of Proteome Science and editor of repute journals. He has also filed over 50 patents and received many awards including Sura Academy Award and Outstanding Research Professor Awards of Yonsei University. His research interests focus on discovery of bioactive small molecules, target identification and validation, integration of omics technologies toward innovations in drug discovery and translational research.

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