HUPO 2019 Program



In 2019, the ‘proteome’ will celebrate its 25th birthday by returning home to Australia.

HUPO 2019 will focus on “Advancing Global Health Through Proteome Innovation” and will bring together world-leading experts and the next generation of early career scientists to promote how proteomics is advancing our knowledge of human and planetary health. HUPO 2019 will both celebrate what has been achieved and look forward to future advances and discoveries that will revolutionize global health.

The HUPO 2019 program will include 6 major thematic streams

  • Health and Disease;
  • Biological Applications of the Proteome;
  • Beyond the Proteome;
  • Human Proteome Project (HPP);
  • Our Human Environment;
  • Enabling Technologies.

We look forward to an exciting program with outstanding opportunities for fruitful discussions!