Hans Wandall


Hans H. Wandall

Professor, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and Group leader and Vice-Director, Copenhagen Center for Glycomics, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Scientific Focus: We investigate how glycans impinge on cells during tissue development and cancer growth, and how to exploit this for early detection and treatment of disease with an emphasis on cancer targeting. We explore and map glycogenes with new enzymatic technologies to turn genes on and off and identify new causes of disease and establish how glycans influence protein function. In addition, we seek to develop new methods to detect mutations in glycogenes and to investigate what changes these infer on the glycome and cellular processes using novel mass spec technologies.

Professional Experience: Heads the GlycoMedicine Group and is co-PI on the Copenhagen Center for Glycomics funded from the Danish National Research Foundation. Translational experience from Harvard Medical School and biotech. Established Copenhagen Consortium for Designer Organisms (CDO: cdo.ku.dk); a knowledge center on precise genetic engineering of cells and organisms funded from an inter disciplinary Excellence Program at the Health Science Faculty of University of Copenhagen.

Entrepreneurial achievements: Director in Biotech (ZymeQuest Inc., 2004-7), Co-founder of Ebumab ApS 2018, co-founder GO-Therapeutics (2016-).